We are market leaders in supplying stunning condition JAP cars at very affordable prices.
We have the biggest current physical stock and have also outsold everyone else combined many fold.
What differs us from other 'reputable' dealers is that we have dedicated team with over 40 years experience who are specialists in sourcing only the most immaculate examples please keep this in mind when buying from others (mainly forum traders) who are actually car breakers / spanner monkeys that sell cars too!! in other words selling cars that are ''too good to scrap'' lol at least you know where to go for parts and expensive repair bills..hope you get the idea.
We only sell cars that are physically in stock with UK title of ownership/ plates ready to drive away again contrast this with other car importers that will use your money and deposit to buy stock from abroad, the massive risk is yours as the car could never get here or be a lemon when it does arrive months later!!
Our buying skills are evident in the quality of our vehicles and the condition of them. You will find no minor marks imperfection etc, all cars at reasonable mileages and with quality that will defiantly make them future appreciating classics. Our examples are by far the best in the market otherwise we would not have bought them with our own money in the first place.
Last but not least....
You will also notice we are thousands cheaper when compared to these forum traders!! Why? as we dont spend 1000's & 1000's on ''buying reputation'' in sponsoring forums/ kissing moderators arses, running ridiculous BHP showcars etc etc and hence can pass the savings onto you the customers. We let the quality and depth of our stock do the talking!!!
Please dont let distance be an issue as we do offer a nationwide delivery service and run a fleet of specialist low loader transport trucks hence again passing savings to you. so our delivery prices are lowest around. please call for quotes.
Jap Import Cars